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The main window of the program consists of a search toolbar and a window for browsing search results. Before search you must select a search index. The search index is a special database file with text content of scanned documents. Search Indexes are created by independent program - 7s Indexer (x7Si.exe). You can create separated indexes for different directories with your documents.

When you enter a search phrase and press the Search button, the program performs search in the selected index and shows a list of files, that matched your query. The searching is very fast because the program looks for documents in the active search index without opening real files. On search, each file is evaluated by several parameters such as frequency of search phrase, search phrase position, importance of found keywords, file size, file age, etc. This evaluation is used to sort the result list by relevance to your query.

7sDoc - look for your documents by text content via a single click

Here is the screenshot of 7s Indexer.

The 7s Indexer is a program for setup, rebuild, and delete search indexes.

The settings of each Index are saved in Index Profile. Each Index profile has unique Name which is used for references.

The list of created profiles are shown in the main window of the s7 indexer

7s Indexer - a tool to manage search indexes

This is a form with Index profile settings.

Each profile has unique Profile Name, Index Title (a short index description), index file and a list of directories to be indexed:

Index profile settings

This form shows progress of reindexing.

You can cancel operation at any time, in this case the next reindexing will be continued from the broken point.

Reindexing progress window

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