Version history & release dates

Version 1.3.8 (27 Oct 2014)

We want to introduce our new product: fts7 - a freeware full-text search engine library written in Java.

Main features:

  • Supports indexing of any Java objects having a text content. That may be files, url's or any other objects;
  • Builds a full text search index as a single file of SQLite database;
  • Supports incremental index updating. You don't need to rebuild search index from scratch everytime when you update some objects or need to add new objects to an index;
  • Prohibits of indexing objects with the same text content;
  • Supports a stopwords list (a list of words to be ignored from being indexed);
  • Quick search in less than a second;
  • Supports fuzzy search. Can find content that match the given words and some variation around them.
  • Search results are ordered by relevance to your query.To calculate the relevance each object's text content is estimated by frequency of search phrase, phrase position inside content, importance of search words, object size, age, etc.
  • Includes end-user solutions for indexing files and web sites: WebCrawler - a high performance multithread utility for indexing websites, IndexMaker - a CLI utility for indexing files.

Version 1.3.8 (27 Jun 2011)

  1. Since that version you can manage searching via special characters in a query. By default the program's search algorithm looks for documents that matchs the given words and some variation around them (fuzzy search). Putting search phrase in quotes tells 7s search engine to switch off fuzzy search and search for the exact word.

Version 1.3.6 (23 Feb 2011)

  1. A new low-level seach method (search_x) have been added to 7s Search Engine API interface. This method generates output as an XML string. You can stylize XML search result via XSLT style-sheets and include it into your web pages.
  2. Descriptions of 7s Search Engine API are included in help file.

Version 1.3.5 (19 Jan 2011)

  1. Since this version you can use 7s search engine on your web site. We have developed 7s Search Engine COM component, which implements search functions. This component is delivered as a single dll library (psrx.dll). This library is registered on your system after installation of the program automatically and can be called from your application or web server. The 7s COM component uses the search indexes which were built by the 7s Indexer program. The example of calling the COM component from PHP script is delivered with the program.

Version 1.3.0 (10 Nov 2010)

  1. The ability to launch reindexing from a command prompt or user scripts (CLI) have been added to 7s Indexer. The program rebuilds indexes in unattended mode, all diagnostic messages are saved in log files. You can use CLI to schedule automatic reindexing via system task scheduler or you can setup reindexing on system startup by including reindexing task in startup group.

  2. Since the version 1.3.0 the program is delivered in freeware and professional (pro) editions. The freeware version is free of charge for personal use.
    The 7sDoc pro offers additional features such as: Indexing network directories, reindexing from command prompt or user scripts (command-line option).

Version 1.2.0 (04 Oct 2010)

  1. Since this version you can create separated search indexes for different directories with your documents. This feature allows you to select search area and perform separated search on documents grouped by themes.
  2. We developed 7s Indexer - a tool for setup and maintaining search indexes.

Version 1.12 (07 Aug 2010)

  1. The search algorithm have been changed for getting better results on long queries with a lot of search words.
  2. Files with dublicate content are shown beside in the query result

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