What is 7s Search engine?

7s Search Engine is an ActiveX component (.dll library) that can be used with your web site or any application, requires searching files by text content. With 7s Search Engine you can create a company Intranet search which will be accessible from all computers on your network with any web browser.

On searching the 7s Search Engine does not scan content of original files - it provides fast and powerful full-text searching by saving content of your documents in search indexes. You can create multiple indexes for different directories with your documents. Search indexes are built and maintained inside your intranet network by independent tool - 7s Indexer.

When you enter search query, your web server invokes search engine ActiveX component, which opens selected index file, performs search inside it and generates output in HTML or XML formats.


  • You can invoke search engine from any programming language (PHP, PERL) supporting ActiveX;
  • You can select available indexes for searching;
  • Output is generated as a string in HTML or XML formats. You can stylize XML search result via XSLT style-sheets and include it into your web pages.
  • Found files are sorted by relevance to your query;
  • Search result includes file names and parts of content near your keywords;
  • Output is split into multiple pages, search engine generates a single page per call;
  • You can define own rules for translating intranet file names to web URL's.

7s search engine example generated by php script

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