intranet search engine 7sDoc is a high-performance, full-text search tools for your PC, local network or Web site. 7sDoc provides online indexing of files and relevance ranking of phrase search results.

The program consists of three entities:

  • 7s Indexer - a tool to create search indexes;
  • 7sDoc - a file search utility;
  • 7s Search Engine - a COM component that is intended to add search functionality to your Intranet web server or any application that requires full-text search.
7s Indexer scans directories with your documents and builds search index on files content for further quick search. On search the program finds files in index and orders documents by relevance to your query. 7sDoc perform text search in files such as DOC, XLS, RTF, TXT, HTM.


  • Quick search - you can find documents in less than a second because the program looks for data in the active search index without opening real files.

  • Sorting results by relevance - found files are ordered in such a way, that the most relevant to your query documents are shown at the top of result list. To calculate the relevance each file is estimated by several parameters such as frequency of search phrase, phrase position inside content, presence of search phrase in filename, importance of search words, file size, file age, etc.

  • Fuzzy search - the program's search algorithm can look for documents that match the given words and some variation around them

  • Multiple search indexes - you can create separated indexes for different directories with your documents. On search you can choose index to perform independent search of documents grouped by themes.

  • Incremental Reindexing - there is no necessity to rebuild search index from scratch everytime when you update some documents. On reindexing, the program replaces changed files and deletes unexisted files from index.

  • Prohibition of indexing the same files - this prevents index from growing when you add to search index documents, having the same content. In this case the program save content only for a single file. Other files links to this content in index.

  • Command-line options - you can launch reindexing from a command prompt or user scripts in unattended mode. All diagnostic messages are saved in log files. You can schedule automatic reindexing via system scheduler, or you can setup reindexing on your system startup.

  • New! 7s Search Engine COM component - you can add search functions to your web site by using 7s Search Engine COM component. This component is delivered as a single dll library which can be called from your application or from any PHP or CGI script. The example of PHP script is delivered with the program.

7sdoc is available in two editions - lite and professional (pro). The professional edition (7sdoc Pro) gives you additional features, listed below:

 7sdoc Lite7sdoc Pro
Sorting results by relevance**
Fuzzy search**
Multiple search indexes**
Incremental reindexing**
Prohibition of indexing the same files**
Indexing network directories*
Command-line options*
7s Search Engine COM component*

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